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Join our affiliate program and start making 50% of our commission by recommending our website to people who need mortgage solutions.



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Why Choose Us

Here's why many affiliates love us:

Highest Payout

When we say 50% of our commission, we mean it. If we get paid $10,000, we will pay you $5,000. It's that simple.

Best Tracking

Our tracking cookies never expire. This will ensure that you get paid whenever your referral secures a mortgage through us.

Real-Time Reporting

Whenever a deal is finalized, you will be able to see it immediately in the affiliates portal.

Free Marketing Content

You can promote any page on our website. We will also support you with banner ads. All accessible in the affiliates portal.

What People Say About Us

Don't take our words for it. Check out what others say about us:

"I was skeptical about the 50% commission until I got paid - definitely one of the highest-paying mortgage affiliate programs, if not the highest."

James K. (Realtor - Toronto, Canada)

"I am amazed at how well the site is built with great content. It made my job easy as an affiliate marketer. Referring people to the mortgage calculator has been my top conversion. "

Andrey Y. (Marketer, New York, USA)

"You have always been the "go-to" source for mortgage needs for my family and friends. Very knowledgable, responsive, professional, and down-to-earth."

Steve P. (Investor, Vancouver, Canada)


Frequently Asked Questions



Existing Affiliates? Sign In Here
  • You create an affiliate account
  • You tell people about us using the promotional links provided in the affiliates portal
  • People come to our website through your efforts and book a consultation
  • Our advisors work with them to obtain mortgage approvals
  • You will be paid via PayPal for completed mortgages, trackable in the affiliates portal

For example, if you recommend us to someone and the individual ends up getting a mortgage approval with one of our advisors for a $1 million dollar mortgage and the advisor is getting paid at 0.8% - $8,000. Your commission would be 50% on the $8,000, which is $4,000 for that single referral.
As soon as we receive our commission, we will pay you 50% of our commission via PayPal within five business days, trackable in the affiliates portal.
We don't rely on the commissions to put food on the table. Therefore, we have no problem sharing 50% with you. And provide exceptional services to your referrals at the same time.
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